Clean Ass Chromes

Themsisome Clean Ass Chromes: etymology for L. tomus


Bringing dollars into sense

focus please

free to open

Free to explore

pack in your whip

when on the road

or on tour

Open up agree to let it

free your mind quick

jailbreak the soul

Chicken feed soup seafood

rotten take hold


gangsters need implore no more

from iceberg slim one

to sir plug one two

Command it with both pimp hand

let the

head nod

weigh down harder on the floor

Only thing left asking




Pencil necking

images of geeks



be gone—No more


inhaling science breathed back slow

from old wise wizard thrones’


They done

left scribbled in these here tomes

revive the trailer park come


with fresh new

sets of clean ass chromes


One comment

  1. You have a lovely blog, in my words…different and innovative :-)



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