A Broken Clock


(Click here for, “A Broken Clock”)






  1. Absolutely incredible- a profound, intellectual, clever, and TRUE message with a light-heated facade…. Sometimes serious situations behind a lens of a witty, HONEST, and charming jokester (and in between professional and appropriate photography) is what the reader needs to understand the truth and the POWER in your complicated but realistic and COMPLETELY necessary messages. some of the best imagery I have ever seen (read- but really seen)…. beautiful descriptions, all-encompassing sentences, MASTERFUL foreshadow and wonderful wonderful wonderful & MEANINGFUL allusions.

    You’re writing is like nothing before it and I can honestly say nothing after it (with the exception of people who will fall in love with your style and copy it as much as possible-aka myself, really just attempting to move writing from ink on paper to a web of thoughts in the brain, connections in the world, and a means to change for the better). By this I refer to the work BEHIND your work, which is just as effective and more more impressive- as well as very very memorable & impacting. Everything about powerful and true writing lies in your pen.

  2. Absolutely marvelous…loved the way you have woven the actual happenings and the story being written
    wow..I am going to share this…just brilliant

    (I think we all look better than our photo I.D, i really look like a drug addict+felon+retarted zombie….in short a person who should not be allowed to go out of her house let alone country)

  3. Brilliant, thank you, be well.

  4. Wonderful! Dig your style, caricature of yourself, backstory…and of course the ending. EVERYTHING!
    Many thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of writing

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