the taxonomy shuffle

bell bottomed babes ring

wedding bell blues

begin class









Let me un shuffle the shuffle.  Taxonomy is the study of classifications, thus how to properly assign a label for an object found in the world naturally.  Bell bottoms are icons of not only fasion trends, but a specific peace and love culture; our parents.  The hippies married, made babies as babies, and begot the blues.  Ring is alerting the reader and symbolizing the circular nature of the marriage; all symbols here, or labels as it were.  The wedding (not natural, but a human invention, that of two people for life and no one else) is a man made devise.  Maybe good maybe bad who knows.  Though I recall the bell bottomed blues, or the hangover of the hippie culture which has failed in many ways.  The culture has become a farce; that of Cheech, Chong, peace signs, and bell bottoms.  In doing so, the peace love movement becomes a taxonomic label: the hippie.  I am arguing that the routine causes the “wedding bells blues.”  Since the simple act of love wasn’t the cure for the blues, we begin class (school, college for those with money and means).  The class alludes back to that ring. In this way school is merely a babysitter used to label shit like hippie culture for easy classification . . . The last word gives the real answer for our most primal hungers.  Competition, or rather the creation of the caste system is for conquering others.  Or class warfare.   We created a system of warfare because peace and love wasn’t enough.


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