How to Fix America’s Team

There is no question: Tony Romo is a dynamic quarterback.  At times Romo looks unstoppable.   And other times, not.  But either way, dynamic is not what we need.  What the Cowboys need is consistency.  Consistency can be managed, while erratic play loses games.

As we’ve seen, just when we get comfortable with Tony-the-All-Pro, he throws 5 picks.  And his interceptions are usually heavier than the numbers indicate.  And this is my response to those clamoring of Romo’s inflated QB rating.  In fact, one of the funnier things I’ve seen on the web was a picture of the Dos Equis guy.  But instead of the most interesting man, it was Tony Romo holding a beer.  The writing said, “I don’t always throw interceptions, but when I do, I make sure it’s the fourth quarter.”  Lol…

Nobody denies the feel-good story: Romo un-drafted out of East Illinois to start for the Cowboys; but where has it gotten us?  It’s gotten Romo 3 trips to the Pro-Bowl, meanwhile Cowboys fans remain nostalgic of the 1990’s.  To this end, Tony Romo seems to be our generation’s Danny White.

I realize that our depth chart is light at quarterback.  But Romo is light on playoff berths (not to mention actual playoff wins!).  Yes, we know it’s Kyle Orton awaiting to relieve Romo–but perhaps that’s what we need.  Because if I’ve noticed Orton’s mediocrity, then certainly head coach Jason Garrett has too.  And hopefully this will cause Garrett to realize what the Cowboys are: a running team.  But while Romo starts, Garrett will continue calling an unbalanced offense.  He called for Romo to throw a ridiculous 62 pass attempts!  And this is the Tony Romo we all know likes to throw ill-advised triple-coverage interceptions to a lazy route running Dez Bryant…

So how do we fix America’s Team?  Simply put, we bench the “gunslinger” and start the guy that’s apprehensive to throw.  And we win like Baltimore won with Trent Dilfer.  We win with the defense that just stopped the most prolific passing game in football.  As the Cowboy’s D essentially crippled the Giant’s offensive attack, yielding only 293 total yards to a Manning and his freakishly talented WR corps.

Fourth quarter.  At home.  The Cowboys have a chance at finally taking ownership of Jerry-World.  Home field advantage can be ours again.  The defense held strong.  The Cowboys were driving.  A ball bounces off Jason Witten’s hands.  Now it’s third down.  But only a yard to go.  All we need is a first down to continue the game.  The Cowboys are within the Red Zone.  Over a minute left in the game.  The Giant’s D falls back into pass coverage and a max protection deep.  Now’s the time to hand off to Felix!  But wait, Tony Romo throws the deepest route possible–a fade to the corner of the endzone!  –To his weakest WR?!  Incomplete.  And then on fourth and one–another deep pass!?  Romo scrambles, looks left…interception.

The game ended with poor decision making.  And a 9 year veteran QB made those choices.  I’ve never played a down in the NFL and I was screaming at the TV: “just get the fist down!!!”  But the game is over.  We can stop waiting for the underdog story.  The reality is clear.

So how to fix the Dallas Cowboys: let their defense win.  But to do so we must stop erratic QB play.  And we need a coach that doesn’t ask the underdog QB to throw 62 times!  And yes, I know their starting RB is hurt.  But Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar looked hungry in relief of a tired Felix Jones.

Let’s turn back the clock.  How did the Cowboys win during the 70’s and 90’s? —defense and handing the football off.



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  1. I’m with you. Bench Romo, run the ball and let Dunbar have some carries with Murray out. Go to change some things.

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